Am I eligible to join?

Credit Unions are member-owned cooperatives. Unlike a for-profit bank, in which profits go back to a select group of stockholders, credit unions are organized to return all the profits to member-owners in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and lower fees. As member of Broward HealthCare Federal Credit Union (BHCFCU), you are actually an owner, you have a voice in everything we do.

Membership Eligibility

  • Employees of the Broward Health Hospitals, Medical Centers, All Broward Health District Facilities
  • Organizations, affiliates and vendors of Broward Health Hospital District
  • Broward County employers, employees, independent contractors or self employed persons who work in the healthcare industry
  • Employees of the The Sun Sentinel, Tribune Publishing
  • Employees and members of the Printing Association of Florida
  • Other employee groups including Forum Publishing, Media Printing, Mac Papers, and Skyemed Pharmacy
  • Immediate family or household members

Once you join the Credit Union you are always a member, even if you leave your job, retire, or move out of the area. All of the benefits of membership are available to you as long as you maintain the required minimum balance in your Share (Savings) account. For more information, click here to view our Owner's Manual.

Applying for Membership

Click here to download our current Membership Account Agreement and Application. Please print and bring completed application along with a copy of all owner’s drivers licenses to one of our branches.  You will need at least $55 to deposit to your share savings account to get things started.  If your joint owner cannot be present to sign the Agreement then their signature must be notarized.  You will need to bring a copy the joint owner’s driver’s license regardless. All applications are subject to approval. Please contact us for any questions you may have.

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